Bees in the City?... (The New York Times)

Honey as Healer (Nathaniel Altman)

The Wonderful World of Australian Honey

At German Airports, Bees Help Monitor Air Quality (The New York Times)

Possible Cause of Bee Die-Off is Found (The New York Times)

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Nature crisis: Humans 'threaten 1m species with extinction' (BBC)

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Recommended Books

Honey and Dust: Travels in Search of Sweetness - Piers Moore Ede

Sweetness & Light: The Mysterious History of the Honeybee - Hattie Ellis

The Hive: The Story of the Honeybee and Us - Bee Wilson

Fruitless Fall: The Collapse of the Honey Bee and the Coming Agricultural Crisis - Rowan Jacobsen



Vanishing of the Bees documentary


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