Dr. José Gregorio Hernández


Dr. José Gregorio Hernández Cisneros (1864-1919) was a Venezuelan physician
known for his kindness and humility as well as his remarkable healing abilities.
A selfless and religious man, he often treated the poor without charging a fee.

While bringing medicine to a patient one day, Dr. Hernández was struck by a car and killed.
Shortly after his death, patients and physicians alike began to feel his healing presence,
and over the years, many have attributed miracle healings to José Gregorio. There is
a strong movement to have the Catholic Church declare José Gregorio a saint,
although he ranks among the most popular "people's saints" in Latin America today.

In June 2020, Pope Francis ordered his beatification, constituting a first step toward canonization.

In Venezuela and Colombia especially, the name of
Dr. José Gregorio Hernández is invoked by both doctors and patients for healing.
He is also called upon for protection during journeys over land,
and his picture (below) appears in many buses, taxis and trucks.



Prayers to "El Siervo de Dios" (The Humble Servant of God), José Gregorio Hernández.

The following prayers may be recited to invoke the healing presence of José Gregorio Hernández.
The first is an English translation of the best-known prayer in Spanish to José Gregorio:


Oh, my all-powerful Lord! You have brought your beloved servant Jose Gregorio to Your heart,
and to whom, with Your great mercy, gave the power to heal the sick of this world.
Give him, Lord, as Spiritual Physician, the grace to heal me, both in body and soul.
I ask you this favor, Dear Lord, in the name of Your beloved Son
who taught us to pray "Our Father who art in Heaven..."


Dear God, I am grateful for your healing blessings through your servant José Gregorio,
to whom you gave the power to heal the sick of this world.
Lord, by Your Grace, please grant him the divine power
to help me heal both my body and soul.

Lord, I pray that I may follow the example of José Gregorio in my life,
and be a channel for humility, charity and loving kindness. Amen.



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