Sacred Trees

Spirituality, Wisdom & Well-Being



I grew to love trees while growing up in upstate New York. Our house was surrounded by large maples, and I always enjoyed visiting old trees while hiking the Appalachian Trail and during trips to California and South America.

I became inspired to write Sacred Trees while meditating in a grove of yellow beech (coihue) trees in southern Chile. The book acknowledges the central role that trees have played in the survival of humanity and in the growth of nearly all of the world's civilizations. In writing the book, I was able to draw from the history and myth of dozens of world cultures, including the cosmic trees of the Norse and Iroquois, as well as trees of knowledge, ancestral trees, trees of healing, and trees as providers. It also shows how we can work with sacred trees to gain wisdom and healing, and how to plant a sacred grove. The book also contains dozens of beautiful illustrations of trees, most of them taken from old woodcuts, photographs and paintings. First published by Sierra Club Books in 1994, an expanded edition (containing practical information on how to commune with sacred trees and protect them from harm) was released in August, 2000 by Sterling Publishing, Inc.

Sacred Trees. Sterling Publishing, Inc, 2000. Paper, 200 pages. $14.95. ISBN 0-8069-7809-0. To order click here.

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