Sexual Palmistry

What Your Hands Reveal
about Love, Sex, and Relationships




Learn about sex and love
from the palm of your hand!

Sexual Palmistry is the most revealing and exciting book yet written on what hand analysis can tell us about our sexual relationships. Our fingers, hand shape and lines all say a great deal about what we are like in a relationship, especially when it comes to identifying our perfect mates and rating our sexual prowess. This new edition of Sexual Palmistry explains how you can:

This revised and updated authoritative guide will help you gain a deeper understanding of personality, sexuality and relationships through a systematic study of your hands and those of family and friends. The new edition is published in a larger 8" x 10" format and contains larger type and graphics. It also includes new section about transgender hands, plus added material about the hands of sexual abusers.

After my first palmistry book - The Palmistry Workbook - came out in 1984, the publisher asked me to write a companion volume that dealt primarily with sexuality, love and relationship. Released in 1986 in Great Britain by The Aquarian Press (which was later taken over by HarperCollins), the original edition of Sexual Palmistry became a runaway best seller, and eventually went through nine printings in three English language editions. It was also published in Italian, German, Danish, Dutch, Spanish and Hungarian; there's even a pirated edition in Thai that I came across at a bookstore in Chiang Mai.

A second edition of Sexual Palmistry was published in 2002 by Adams Media, now an imprint of Simon & Schuster. It was also published in Estonian, Finnish, Arabic, Chinese and Greek.


I began reading hands in 1969, and am always learning something new. This new third edition is revised and updated, and contains all that I have learned over the years. Factual information aside, I also think that this edition is a lot more entertaining and better designed than the first two editions. It's filled with easy-to-follow explanations and hand diagrams that make reading your palm- or that of your lover- a snap.

Sexual Palmistry: What Your Hands Reveal about Love, Sex, and Relationships. Gaupo Publishing, May 2019. Trade paperback edition (8" x 10", 213 pages): $13.95. Kindle ebook edition: $5.99. ISBN 978-0-9979720-5-4. To order the paperback edition of Sexual Palmistry, click here. To order a Kindle ebook edition of Sexual Palmistry (which can be read on a wide variety of readers), click here.

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