The Nonviolent Revolution

A Comprehensive Guide to Ahimsa -
the Philosophy and Practice of Dynamic Harmlessness



I first became interested in ahimsa or dynamic harmlessness while in college, and it was my primary motivation for becoming a vegetarian in 1969. Several years later, I wanted to put together a large illustrated multi-volume work that would cover all aspects of nonviolence, but I did not feel that the book would sell. I later edited an anthology of quotes dealing with different aspects of nonviolence, which was published by Quest Books in 1980 under the title Ahimsa: Dynamic Compassion.

The original edition of The Nonviolent Revolution took over 11 years to complete and was published by Elemnent Books in England in 1989. It is considered one of the few books ever written to bring together the major aspects of dynamic harmlessness into practical focus for the Western reader. In addition to offering a thorough grounding in the philosophy of ahimsa, it shows how it can be practically applied to personal relationships, business, politics, religion and environmental protection.

Although I feel that this is one of my best books and it received good reviews, The Nonviolent Revolution received only limited distribution in the United States.

After the 2016 presidential elections in the United States, I decided that a new edition of The Nonviolent Revolution was needed more than ever. Published by Gaupo Publishing, this timely book is available in both print-on-demand and Kindle editions.

The Nonviolent Revolution, Gaupo Publishing, 2017. ISBN: 978-0-9979720-0-9.

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