My Work with Palmistry




I first became interested in hand analysis (palmistry) in 1969, after having my hands read by Teresa Gómez de Barberi, a famous Colombian palmist and psychic. She mentioned that I would be good at reading hands, and offered to be my first teacher. I soon began reading the hands of everyone I knew, and started taking prints of family members and friends. This has grown to a large collection of handprints. My hobby gradually developed into a profession, and over the years I have read the hands of over 20,000 individuals. I've appeared on television in the United States, England, Australia and the Dominican Republic, which is always a fun experience for me.

I have also read hands at a variety of corporate events, including those sponsored by Martha Stewart Omnimedia, Time Warner, HBO, American Lawyer Media, Merrill Lynch, The New York Times Company, Dr. Pepper, Bloomberg, McKinsey & Company and

I have written a number books on the subject, many of which have been tranbslated into languages other than English: my best known are The Palmistry Workbook (reissued in 2019 as Discover Palmistry), Sexual Palmistry (published in a third edition in April 2019), Palmistry: Your Career in Your Hands (with Andrew Fitzherbert), Medical Palmistry (with Eugene Scheimann, M.D.) and The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Palmistry. Palmistry: The Universal Guide, a large-format volume based on all of my palmisty books (with the addition of new text and hand prints), was published in a new edition in November, 2017. I also published two small specialized books on Chinese Palmistry and Indian Palmistry.

The art and science of hand analysis goes back some 5000 years, and was developed primarily in China, India and Mesopotamia. It was also popular in Greece, where one of the earliest books on the subject was written by Aristotle. Although many people view it as a form of fortune telling, I believe that palmistry is primarily an important tool for self-knowing. In addition to revealing personality, health status, life path, hidden talents, spiritual direction and relationships, the study of hand shape, size, flexibility, fingers, fingerprints, mounts and lines can reflect present trends and future possibilities. And since the lines of the hands can change, becoming more aware of our life currents and rhythms can help us have more control over our life's direction.

If you'd like to schedule a private consultation in person (or remotely via Zoom or Line), lecture presentation or group event, you can contact me at 718.499.2384 or by email: natman169 (at) gmail (dot) com.

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